Ever Heard Of Shower Head Orgasm?


Been on the net stalking for girls…ahh..I mean stories! So I’m here to bring you another interesting story from a special girl. I’d read her post and it’s really interesting for me to find out something new for females having their own private time in the shower. Let’s get into the interesting part now, shall we?

This girl was around 18 years old when she found out her special technique to make herself achieve the “O”. Basically, what she did was laying in the bath tub and lay there using the shower head aim at her vagina. She then moved the shower head around the outer lips of her vagina like it’s on a massage mode for half an hour. Those feelings were sensational and it has some tingling feel going up her legs and up to her chest and everywhere. That’s the moment when she felt to shout and scream “IT WAS SO AMAZING!!” After that exotic experience, she tried to orgasm at least once every other day when she was having her shower. How great was that???

Can we say that everything comes easier when we’re still young and in good condition? Or it’s just different people, different body condition? I know there are females out there experience different kind of orgasms with different kind of techniques. Another orgasm story which I heard from the other day was “orgasm during giving birth”. That triggers my interest to read more about it!

A woman was on her way to hospital to give birth, she and her husband were so excited for their first baby. Then, unexpected things started in the delivery room. I guess it’s a painful yet joyful experience for all the women when giving birth. But this woman literally enjoyed the process of giving birth! She was having orgasm during delivery, she feels no pain at all and she’s moaning all the while until her baby was delivered! She described it as pretty shy, shame and awkward because everyone in the delivery room were looking at her like she’s performing an erotic porn show! The best part was her husband recorded the whole thing! LOL! But here’s the weird part. She had never experienced an orgasm during any sexual intercourse with her husband. That sensational feel even makes her wanted to have another baby. But there’s no guarantee giving birth to the second baby will bring her to this orgasmic state. After that orgasmic experience from the delivery, her husband started to research on the techniques and ways to help her achieve orgasm again. They are now happily taking care of the baby boy and also working hard on finding the way to reach orgasm.

I guess, different people have different bodies and the way they achieve orgasm are varies from people to people. Feel free to drop any comments here if you have any questions that you want to ask or any suggestion you have in mind. And also share this information if think this is interesting! Thanks!!

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