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A woman’s body is very mysterious when it comes to sexuality. There is no doubt that men out there are still struggling to understand a woman’s sexual responses.

It is true that women body is so complicated and mysterious when it comes to sex and orgasim. I’m sure that there are still a lot of women out there who don’t understand their anatomy or sexual response, need not to surprise that men are even more baffled about what makes a woman tick sexually. What make us men and women complicate with sex and orgasm? The answers are myths and urban legends, these misinformation only further complicates a man’s understanding of the female body.

Here are the top-ten female-orgasm myths that many men still believe:

Intercourse Always Lead To Orgasm
Men would think that intercourse always lead to orgasm. But the truth is intercourse alone usually does not lead to orgasm. Only 30% of women reach orgasm from intercourse alone. What about the 70% of women that doesn’t reach orgasm from intercourse? The rest need added clitoral stimulation to achieve pleasure.

Position Doesn’t Matter
No, that’s not true! Position really does matter! It helps make female orgasm much more likely, such as woman-on-top, as it gives her the added clitoral stimulation she needs to reach orgasm.

Women Need No Effort To Reach Orgasm
Pornography and Hollywood movies forsake the importance of foreplay before getting women to reach orgasm. They make both men and women thought that the female orgasm seem effortless and straightforward. However, the truth is that most women need up to 20 minutes to become aroused and orgasmic. This is why foreplay plays an important role on orgasm part.

Replace Your Man With Vibrator / Dildo
Sex aids give a pleasure intimate feeling to your partner. It can help to greatly improve your partner’s sexual experience as well. However, vibrators/dildos are not a replacement for a man. The outcome of using sex aids won’t achieve the same feelings of intimacy and pleasure.

Quickies Are “No! No!” For Women
Quickies don’t mean that they aren’t giving any fun or pleasure to their partners and also don’t mean that they couldn’t serve a purpose in their relationship. Most men can reach orgasm faster than a woman, if you can’t have a full-on sex session a quickie can keep you bonded and close for the time being.

Condoms Ruin Intimate Mood and Delay Orgasms
Recent advancement has made condoms thinner and less noticeable compared with the old times. So, get the right one, and do the right thing!

Guys Can Tell If A Woman Is Faking
Not really! But some women really deserve an Oscar for their acting performances. However, it’s not good to fake an orgasm because this brings to cheating, and cheating will ruin the intimate mood as well. Communicate more! Ask your partner if she likes what you are doing or if she needs a different touch to reach orgasim. It helps to bring both of you to the next level.

Women Like Soft And Gentle Sex
Well, maybe sometimes they do, but sometimes they also want sex that is more intense, animalistic and wild. Work it out together and explore that side of your partner’s fantasies by asking her what she wants and taking the lead. Communication plays an important role for you and your partner to achieve an orgasm!

Women Achieve Multiple Orgasms Easily
Women don’t need a refractory period before they can be orgasmic again. Guys may think that is how it should be. However, it’s not always easy to achieve one orgasm, let alone many! Hence, while some women are multi-orgasmic, not every woman knows how to handle a multi-orgasim. Practice makes perfect!

The Ultimate Goal Of Sex Is To Have An Orgasm
You must not have the wrong mindset when you are having sex. Never think that orgasm is the destination or final goal for having sex. Sex is about the journey and being in the moment. Focus on what’s on the bed with you. Yes! Your partner! Stay attuned to your partner’s body and the sensations of closeness and passion, and let it respond naturally. Let your orgasm and hers happen when they happen. Everyone must remember that there is no “right” time or way to achieve an orgasm. Every human being’s body and every orgasm is unique.

8 thoughts on “Orgasim

  1. When I am on top riding my partner and I feel a tingling sensational over my body is that also a sign of an orgasim? I also drop and feel like I am weak after I reach my peek

    Just wondering if anyone could help

    • hey Michelle, it’s good that you asked! well, I’m not sure whether you are having an orgasm or not. But that might be a sign of an orgasm! To be frank, every female reach their peak in different ways. Some says they experience a blackout during orgasm. And some of them experience an orgasm and wanting for another orgasm to come.

      Orgasm varies to every female. It’s very possible that you might be having an orgasm during that very moment. Even if it’s not, there’s no need to be frown. It’s very important to you and your partner enjoy the love making session. So that, it’s easier for you to reach climax and an orgasm will happen!

      I hope it helps! =D

    • Hi there Charles, there are only 2 possibilities. It could be or it could be not. There are many hints that a woman is about to orgasm or having and orgasm. I’d experienced my partner having a multiple orgasm. Before she’s about to orgasm, her vagina starts to contract and that was the time I increase the stimulation during intercourse. When she’s having an orgasm, she’ll hold me tightly and shivers a bit. It always varies from women to women. Try discuss with your partner and tell her to let you know when was the time that she felt best during intercourse or any foreplay that may lead to orgasm. I hope this answer your question! Feel free to drop me a message if you have questions again. Have a great day Charles! =)

    • Hi Sitali, good to hear that. Everyone will have different sign when they are climaxing. I had a partner once that likes deep thrust as well when she’s climaxing. She likes it when it hits her A-Spot, also known as Anterior Fornix.

  2. Why do I feel like I have to pee when every I climax?i always tell my partner to stop and gets him mad. is this normal?

    • Hi Alex, it is normal for you to hold it back because you might think that you going to pee on your partner if that’s not a squirting orgasm. I’m not sure whether you are having a squirting orgasm or not as everyone will experience different signs during their orgasm. So, you must try at least once to release what you are trying to hold it back when you are reaching climax. Don’t be too scared or shy to get yourself or your partner dirty! Sex is about how intimate or dirty you can get when you are with your partner. Just relax and go wild! best of luck!

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