What Can Your Mouth Do For A Girl?


I am constantly asked by my friends “How do I please a woman orally?” And I’ve been thinking this question thoroughly. No matter how good you’re in bed, I truly believe that in order to be great lover you must be excellent in the art of pleasing a women with your mouth, lips and tongue. You might think that mouth do the role of foreplay, it’s not even the key point to have a great sex. Wow! Hold on cow boy!! I’ll show you how important your mouth is during sex! So without further introduction let’s get started!

It all starts with a kiss. How often do you see yourself kissing your partner romantically and passionately before getting into love making? I’m not sure how true this statement is, but I once heard some of the women said that “if you are not good at kissing you won’t get far enough to get my panty off of me.” Many women complain that after they have make love with a man for a while or are in a relationship with a man that he does not kiss them as often or long enough. GUYS! Seriously, I don’t know how you feel about this but I feel horrible and guilty for this. Kissing is part of the act that makes the bond between you and your partner / lover stronger. There is a different between making LOVE and having sex. Making love with your partner involves in some sensual caressing and it’s a step by step pleasure that your partner feels and enjoys. While having sex is like, find a prostitute or a one night stand and “fire your gun” to get rid of your sex drive. I’ve got a small request, go kiss your lover like you did in the beginning. Do it like it is your first kiss for the very first time and try to feel those same feelings all over again. Then kiss and hug her slowly and passionately and make love to her like you used to when you were first dating.

Apart from kissing, I bet you guys know that your mouth can do something magical to a woman! Here’s when most of the people misunderstood what I’m trying to say. LOL! I’m kidding. Oh well! Let’s get our brain dirty. Most of the women out there love oral sex. But to give a good oral sex, it’s not only about the motion techniques your mouth can do to her *HONEY POT*. Verbal communication is important for women. If you’re saying something nice and sweet to a woman on bed, it’s a button that will switch her libido on. Especially when you are trying to caress her tits or go down on her, they love to listen and know what you think about their body figure and private parts. Because some women may think that their bodies aren’t perfect and afraid to show or they worry it smells on their private parts so they can’t give in at all. Now, as a gentleman, you should let your partner know how her body attracts you and what you love about her body. Ok. So I leave the sweet talks to you yourself. You know the best about your partner!

Well, there are some women out there that don’t fancy oral sex. I’m not sure whether the techniques that had been used on those women irritated them or they really don’t fancy oral sex at all. I’d been told by a friend that she hates oral sex because that makes her clits sore. The only thing that pops up in my mind was over stimulating on her clitoris and that’s probably the only reason that causes the pain. There are some easy ways to know whether you are over stimulating on her clits. Communicate with her when you are stimulating her clits and also try to pay attention on her reaction and her moan.
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    • Hey, my friend. First of all, I would like to let you know that clitoris is one of the most sensitive hot spot for any female out there. While you are stimulating your wife, ask her frequently how she feel or see if her body language gives you an answer whether she is feeling good or not. Some women prefer a light touch however some requires much stronger stimulation. So when your wife feels pain or irritating when you’re stimulating her with your tongue or finger, try using a lighter force to touch her clits and always remember to see how her body language showing you the sign whether she’s enjoying it or she feels irritating over it. I did cover this topic in my other post. Here’s the link to it: http://www.orgasmtechnique.com/female-orgasim/

      Hope this answer your question. Thank you and have a nice day mate! =)

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