How To Please A Woman

How To Please A Woman

How To Please A Woman

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Nowadays a lot of women want to achieve orgasms. As a guy do you know how to please a woman yet? A couple of generations ago, many women simply didn’t achieve orgasm and a lot of them weren’t cared about it. Probably a lot of them never reach the state climaxes. Some doctors ever claimed that, for a large amount of women, it was ‘normal’ to have never experience orgasm. Indeed, there are people who believe that not all the women can achieve orgasm. But all that has changed now. Nowadays, medical opinion all of the women can reach orgasm if they want to. In addition, some sex experts say that most of the women are capable of having multiple orgasm, if only they wish to have them. In general, women that are more mature have a greater ability to achieve it. You might interested to learn some unconventional ways to keep sex fantastic as well!

What Is An Orgasm?

How orgasm happens and how does it feels? It’s actually similar with what’s happening in your (male) body when you ejaculate. In other words, you can feel the excitement is increasing, and you begin building up to a point where everything ‘blows’ in a great blast of trance. This ‘climax moment’ is typified by surges of contractions in the sex organs, happening almost every 0.8 seconds. Men are well aware that these pulsates of pleasure are accompanied by the pumping out of spurts of semen. It seems obvious that this doesn’t happen in women. A few females do produce some fluid at orgasm, but the respond given in so many kinky stories that most women ‘ejaculate’ are not correct. There are only a minority of females do this.

Multiple Orgasms

There are different between male and female orgasms. After hitting the first orgasm, many women can climax again, often within the range of a minute or two. It’s hardly possible that males can achieve multiple orgasms, it’s very rare that any male can achieve this. Almost a few young women can achieve it, because it’s a skill that usually has to be learned. But if they are doing it right with their skillful partner, most women can actually achieve the ability for multiple orgasms, if they desire.

Bringing Women To A Climax

An advice for men, the most important thing to realize bout female orgasms is that with women, it’s not a mechanical thing. You need to have some good flow going before you can bring women to a climax. Females are different from time to time. Many women need the following if they’re going to reach a climax easily:

  • They need a romantic atmosphere.

  • They want pleasant and comfortable surroundings.

  • Only available for a partner who they really like.

  • They like the feeling of being wanted and appreciated

  • Important to have a good flow of natural lubrication, so that the exquisite female parts don’t get sore

  • They would like to have a skilled partner who knows how to stimulate the clitoris. That includes a good in foreplay before getting into the next level.

Males who want to help your partners to achieve orgasm or multiple orgasms should learn the above, or else it’s a little hard for your partner to be turned on to go for the Big-O.
Please remember that, opposite to what many men think, having sexual intercourse itself is not likely to produce an orgasm. Intercourse alone doesn’t fully stimulate a woman’s clitoris. Almost all of the women need additional stimulation of the clitoris by fingers or mouth. Sex aid is also big help for foreplay.
So, try not to show the impression to your female partner that she should be able to climax through intercourse alone and that is what you think how a proper sex should be. There are a lot of different ways to get a woman stimulated. Some women may find it really easy to climax through oral sex, especially if the guy understands, patient and sensitive to what his partner wants. Always ask her if you are not sure about what she wants or what turns her on. Communicating in the bed is really an important thing to do if you want to get her to climax.
Guys, never assume that your technique is flawless and when your partner doesn’t come, you are ready to put the blame on her. Never do that! A lot of men think that if their previous girlfriend could came with the same technique, this one should follow suit. Ever women are different in their likes or dislikes. So do try to respect and treat your partner as an individual.
Like I said previously, foreplay is part of the main thing you should do to make a woman achieve orgasm more easily. Women like to feel that their man is enthusiastic on giving pleasure and not just rushing to the finish line. Actually, the worst line that women hate their man to say is: ‘Haven’t you come yet?’ This is likely to make them feel extremely defective and will ruin any sexual pleasure and tension that might have been taking place.

What Can You Do

Here’s what to do if you want to bring your partner to achieve orgasm frequently:

  • Never rush your time during foreplay or sexual intercourse.

  • Don’t be too demanding at times.

  • Communicate with your partner, and ask her what she wants you to do to her. Also ask her whether she feels good or not when you are doing it to her.

  • Create a romantic atmosphere for a better result.

  • Be sure that everything is comfortable and nice for her. So that she’s relax and enjoying the overall process.

  • Women like kisses and cuddles before you about to make any approach to their sexual area. If she’s not in for kisses and cuddles. Then ask her what she wants and try doing it to her and get the flow going.

  • You need to be gentle when you do start to stroke, rub or kiss her genitals. Don’t rush it, or else you’re going to hurt her clitoris and it might turn her off.

  • Make use of her own natural lubrication to moisten her clitoris. If both of you think it’s not enough and still causing her a bit of pain, try to use lube.

  • Remember that stimulations are varies to every female. Every woman achieved orgasm differently.

  • Have her to ‘run’ your sex sessions. It might as well encourage her to do so, so that you can learn a lot by watching how she stimulates herself or by really paying attention to her when she suggests a sex position, or a specific caress.

I hope I have help you guys out there on how to please a woman. Have a great day ahead!

2 thoughts on “How To Please A Woman

  1. I have learnt to hold my orgasim to up to 1 hour or more until she hits the pick thats when I let go. I really enjoy seing her climax. This has taken me almost 10yrs to perfect it. It requires patience and much care. Now the problem is that my partiner has gotten so used to it that when I climax before her she really gets upset and the night gets nusty.

    • Hi there Sitali, I’m impress you can hold your orgasm till 1 hour or more and you are really doing it great for yourself and also your partner. I agree that to help your partner to reach orgasm requires patience and care. Nonetheless, you need to understand your partner’s body sign language as well. There are many ways to help your partner to reach orgasm, I’m sure you already know about it. Try swap your techniques from time to time and explore new techniques that’s going to arouse her and makes her orgasm. During foreplay, you can try fingering your partner until she experience squirting orgasm. Some girls dig it but some girls do not like it as it’s making them feel sore. That’s why body sign language plays an important role here to see which techniques you using suits best for your partner. Always try to make her orgasm before you had your orgasm. Girls can have multiple orgasms, they don’t mind if they had a few orgasms before you had yours. I hope this info helps. Best of luck!

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