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Girl Orgasm

Girl Orgasm

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Some sex moves that guys should try out to make your partner to achieve girl orgasm easier. These tricks are really awesome!! 

Gently Bite(Nibble) On Her
The skin that located from underneath her ear to her clavicle(collarbone) is supersensitive to touch. Go with the classic way, use your tongue to lick from her ear down to where her neck and shoulders meet. Then lightly blow along the path you just lick over. If you do it correctly, a tingling sensation will flows all over her body because of the warmth of your tongue combine with the coolness of your breath. After the warm up, you should get a little more aggressive, lightly nibble the bottom of her neck (the skin here is slightly thicker and can take more pressure). Try suck on her neck too, but not too long and hard to leave a markhickeys.

Give Her An Oral Sex And Bring Her To Climax
An intense oral sex session allows her to sit back and relax and also enjoy being spoiled. But if you are using different skills to stimulate, she may feel more or less pleasurable on different ways. Female doesn’t reach girl orgasm easily and quickly. If you want to know which will going to work best for her every time, be sure you always change and use different moves. Try to lick her softly, suck on her clitoris, you can also try using a firm, pointed tongue and then a wide, soft one, and every move you make, try realize which she responds to the most enthusiastically. You can sense that she’s about to orgasm by noticing on her body, she will tense up and she’ll start breathing more quickly. Go back to the move that draw out her biggest moans, doing it back and forth until she reaches climax.

Her Hot Spot Needs Some Physical Contact During Mid Action
In most cases, women can’t orgasm during sexual intercourse without clitoral stimulation, that’s the reason why so many crave for more! If your hand can reach her clitoris during intercourse, rub her hot spot without asking her, it’s like a surprise for her. Don’t accelerate your touches in the beginning and do it softly as well. After a short while, then get in to the next level and do it harder and quicker. Every stimulation technique is different for every woman. So you have to experiment it until you get the right one. You can try one finger pressed directly on her clitoris, three fingers touch lightly and slowly accelerate the speed over the entire area, or the heel of your hand on her pubic mound, if her moans getting stronger then you are doing it right.

Kiss Her During Sexual Intercourse
A lot of guys tend to stop kissing their partners once intercourse starts. That’s a bad beginning and also a bad move, you have to understand that kissing makes some women feel tat sex is more intimate for her, which is also crucial to female pleasure. Choose a convenient position that allows you to face each other. Such as missionary, or ask her to sit on your lap, mix up your smooches so they reflect the mood of the sex you’re having. If you’re going at it vigorously, drag her in for a deep kiss, suck on her bottom lip and pressing your lips firmly against hers. Do it slowly and romantically, so that the kissing can go more sensual.

Do It Aggressively
Women loves guys to be more aggressive in bed. If you can handle her body with strength and confidence, it can be insanely erotic for her. You don’t need to have advanced skills to do that, but you must put your effort in it to let her know you are working out for a great sex. If you want to spike her arousal level, you can try the missionary, take her wrists and hold them above her head, pinned to the mattress. Another way is when she’s on top, hold her hips and push or pull them back and forth, so her clitoris grinds against your pubic bone, this will cause her aroused faster than usual. When you guys are changing position, try not to do it slowly or politely, just grab her and put her where you want her to be. She’ll be amaze by your strength and may ask for more from you!

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