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G Spot Orgasm

G Spot Orgasm

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You may never have encountered the G spot before, but it is a peak hot spot on a woman’s mysterious body that leads to orgasm (some women out there still have not get the chance to experience the G-spot orgasm before, click here to know what’s going on). And this type of vaginal orgasm can be unbelievably intense. There are people out there with their heads fill with question marks and thinking whether the G spot really exists. Yes, it can’t be blame that many guys and even girls out there still don’t know about G spot orgasm, because it is difficult to find if you are new to the terrain. G Spot orgasm begins when you stimulate the G spot area and it may stay there while climaxing, or it may powerful enough to explode through the whole body.

How Does G Spot Orgasm Happen?
During sex, the tissue surrounding the urethra engorged with blood and the Paraurethral / Skenes glands produce and fill with prostatic fluid. The vagina front wall becomes that sensitive spot, the “G spot“. In fact, this process is very similar to male arousal. As a result, the urethral sponge becomes “erect,” and if you touch it, it feels firm. In other words, this is a kind of female hard-on. It’s clear that the only difference is that it all happens inside a woman’s vagina.

How To Activate The G Spot Orgasm?
There are various ways of stimulating the G spot. There is a way to locate the G spot when the female is leaning or lying back and male insert a finger into the female’s vagina. The male finger should be shaped like a hook, almost as if he is gesturing someone to come closer. Then start by rhythmic pushing or circular friction movements. These are the best way to achieve G spot orgasm. This orgasm may also lead the female squirting (Female Ejaculation).

How Does G Spot Orgasm Feel To A Woman?
It needs time to build this kind of orgasm. A lot of women describe it as a very unique, deeply sensual pleasure, which builds until their whole lower stomach and pelvic area explodes. Often, they are carried away for quite some time by the powerful wave of euphoric energy, and don’t even realize where they are and what is going on around them. Many women say that touching the G spot, or urethral sponge, feels almost like touching the tip of their nose. Some women may feel the urge to urinate when the G spot is stimulated, but this feeling usually subsides. A piece of advice for guys, you can keep moving your finger around inside the vagina to give your woman a better sense of its structure and texture deep inside.

Mixing The G-Spot Orgasm
Oral stimulation is also a way to help stimulating the G spot more easily. While using mouth to work on a female’s clitoris, you can ask your partner to insert one or two fingers into your vagina with a gentle thrusting motion. If your partner with experience, he tilts them upward slightly to hit your G spot and bring about some intense sensations that may ultimately result in a combined clitoral and vaginal orgasm, it’s possible to get an ejaculation as well.

Remember, it is important to understand the journey together than reaching the destination as soon as possible. Don’t get intense and just focus on the goal, work to build pleasure and intimacy rather than stressing out, and enjoy finding your G spot together!

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