G Spot Disappear


I come across a post recently on the net. It’s about a lady talking about her G spot. So it wasn’t interesting until I saw she was saying that her “G SPOT DISAPPEARED”! Is this even possible? I went on reading on that post. Well, it seems that I ended my curiosity after I’m done with the post. 

The story was about the lady having difficulty in having her G Spot orgasm. It’s not because she never had it before. She’s been having her G Spot orgasm at the age of 17, her boyfriend was the one who helped her achieved G Spot orgasm. As time goes by, when she hit 25, that’s the moment when she had difficulty achieving G spot orgasm. She was so pissed that she couldn’t get the same sensation and she reached out for help on the net. She even found herself a committed partner that would fulfill her needs. But it ended up with disappointment as well. She had something in her mind that might be the answer to her question. Back in those days, her boyfriend don’t accommodate her due to some reason when she needed and she started to use lots of lubrication and vibrator to fulfill her needs. She then stopped masturbate after hurting herself badly one time.

Without any solutions for her matters, she ended up looking for a OBGYN (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) and asked whether that area had been damaged. But the OBGYN told her that her vagina bounces back fairly well. She’s still searching for help till today and she’s so frustrated with her situation.

To be honest, I know how’s her feeling to lose the sensational feeling in a sudden. It’s like a guy couldn’t cum after having sex, hand job, blow job and etc. If this problem occurs on me, it really will haunt me forever and I would have lost my dignity.

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