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Female Orgasim

Female Orgasim

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Science shows that only 25% of the women in the world are consistently orgasmic during VAGINAL ORGASM!! But there are some unknown techniques did help women achieve orgasm!! CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE about female orgasim!!

1. Female Orgasim – Vaginal Orgasm

How vaginal orgasm happens? It begins in the vagina or you just stay focused in the pelvic and lower stomach areas, to stimulate the vaginal orgasm. The uterus, pelvic muscles, and even anus may begin to contract. The force that comes from the contraction is quite strong, and may actually push out anything that was stimulating the vagina.

When you are trying to get to the tip of vaginal orgasm, both couple must communicate very well to find out the best position for the female to reach it. That is because vaginal orgasm takes longer to achieve, rhythmic thrusting is often suggested to be the best way to get there. Don’t be shy to open your mouth and communicate with each other, communicating is the best way to help reach the orgasm in a shorter time.

Well, I’m not the sex master here but a sex master will take care not to ejaculate too quickly. The golden rule here is, “Ladies always come first.”

How Does Vaginal Orgasm Feel To A Woman?
Many women describe it as “less intense” than a clitoral orgasm, but more deeply felt. They feel it as a pressure that slowly grows and explodes deep inside the vagina. This, of course, varies greatly from person to person.

So what about the clitoral orgasm? How does clitoral orgasm feel to a woman?

2 . Female Orgasim – Clitoral Orgasm

Clitoral orgasm is intensely pleasurable, the feeling start within the clitoris and send waves of pleasure throughout the body. This is one of the best female orgasim as well.

Some of you might not know that the clitoris is the most sensitive area of the female body, it is most nerve rich. If you want to reach some level of sexual arousal, no doubt you need to stimulate the clitoris to receive pleasure and transfer it throughout the body to reach female orgasim. That is why the clitoris is so responsive to certain kinds of touch. However, some said that its sensitivity varies greatly from woman to woman. So, while you are stimulating a woman, ask them frequently how they feel or see if their body language gives you an answer whether they are feeling good or not. Some women may prefer a light touch. Others may require much stronger stimulation. For some women, it’s so sensitive that touching the clitoral glands directly is often uncomfortable or irritating. Remember, communicating is very important!

Do you know when is the clitoris become extremely sensitive? After an female orgasim that is. We guys as a good lover, we should know that, and give our woman a few minutes of rest. Once said, stop and have a rest to go for a longer journey.

This Kind Of Female Orgasim Can Be Given:
Orally(the mouth and tongue job). Some women might not like how it feels to be orally stimulated. My advice to those women who complain that their partners have no idea of how to give it: “Lady, let your partner do it for you, but guide him as you would guide a blind man driving a bus on a busy street.” That way both are in win-win solution, you get to enjoy the moment more and your partners get to know more on how to stimulate it next time!

With a hand. Always use her natural lubrication or a water-based lube.

With sex toys. Use lubrication here too !

How Does Clitoral Orgasm Feel To A Woman ?
A good clitoral stimulation is extremely pleasurable and it adds a lot to a woman sex life. A lot of women describe it as “less deep” than others but clitoral orgasm can be very intense too.

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