How To Make A Female Orgasm Video

This 5 Minutes Video Will Helps You Understand The Most Fundamental Ways To Make A Female Orgasm. You Wont Believe How Easy It Is!

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  1. Anon, I appreciate the resource. I had been doing well making myself a priority but I have slipped back into old habits and am unhappy. I hate causing people pain and put others before myself. My husband is supposed to move out soon and I hope the separation gives me the space to see what it is that I truly want. We keep hurting each other. I need to abstain from sex right now and he is more desirous of sex than he has ever been. The strain is insane. I feel like a whore and hate myself because there is no connection or emotional bonding between us. Just emptiness. I seem to only be able to tell him no so many times before no is not really an opinion. I hate it.

    • Dear Ravisnh,

      First of all, I’m really sorry to learn about the problems you are facing right now. I’m glad that you like our resources and also willing to share your problems. Don’t degrade or address yourself as a whore. Everyone is a wonderful being include you! The thing is, I’m no expert in relationship or marriage problems, I dare not to give any unhelpful advice or opinion. My only suggestion would be try to seek help from your local relationship therapist. They are the professional who can at least help you to find ways to feel better about your relationship problems. Nevertheless, I’m really glad you open up to us and I really hope it helps release stress from the current situation you are facing right now. God bless you and take care.

      Alternatively, I’ve found this information to be relevant to what you are looking for and I hope it helps:

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