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How Do I Know If I’m Having Orgasims?

Orgasm is an intensely pleasurable physical response that results from the release of tension built up during sexual stimulation. When you’re being stimulated and feel aroused, your heart will beat faster than usual, your breathing go faster, your nipples become erect (Tips: don’t forget to stimulate your partner’s nipple, it is one of the way to help her to reach orgasm too), and your genitals become engorged with blood. As arousal continues to climb, these sensations increase until you orgasims, and your body returns to its unaroused state. (Tips: But there are some people can achieve multiple orgasims too, you will need a lot of practice to reach that state)

Despite the physical process is the same for every individual, to achieve orgasims varies from woman to woman. As a matter of fact, every orgasm is unique, even your own. You might feel a mild tingle one time and an explosive full-body rush the next. However, you might as well as feeling there’s a contraction in your vagina, pelvic lifting or thrusting, curling of the toes or fingers, heavy, rapid breathing and moaning, that’s euphoria!

Chances are, if you’re not sure whether you’ve achieve orgasms, you probably haven’t because the feeling is so distinct, you hardly will confuse it with anything else. If you doubt it, then, that you aren’t climaxing, first you must familiar with your body and understand how it reacts to sexual stimulation. Tried masturbating yet? If not, try doing it yourself when you have your solo time. Masturbate will make it easier for you to understand which part stimulates you the most. Once you’ve mastered your own domain and technique, you’ll be better able to let your guy know what turns you on. The trick is to experiment both solo and with him, using various types of touch until you find the method that makes you tingle then go with it. Rather than worrying about the end result which will just distract you, try to just focus on the erotic sensations.

In fact, it might take some trial and error before you discover whether you really achieve orgasms, by that time you and your guy can have a hell of a good time trying to figure it out.

My Guy Having A Hard Time Helping Me Orgasims During Oral Sex

It’s possible that your guy just hasn’t mastered the kinds of oral technique to stimulate your clitoris to achieve orgasims. By that time, you have to start guiding him while is orally stimulating you. Try to have a little erotic experimentation by asking him to vary the speed, pressure and types of moves he makes. You may guide him to flicker his tongue back and forth across your clitoris, then slowly run it up and down your entire vulva. You can ask your guy to try another titillating technique, have him use the tip of his tongue to trace circles or figure eights.

Even though after a few attempt of various techniques, you still can’t reach oral gratification, you probably need to enforce the stimulation. An internal stimulation to climax may help you to reach that big O, so clue your man in. Next time you feel like you’re heading to the O zone when he’s going down on you, just do a small request and ask him to incorporate penetration. Just tell him that, you want to feel his fingers inside you. Have him move one or two fingers in and out, simulating intercourse. Or, go for the G-spot action! Ask him to strokes with his finger against your upper vaginal wall and that will most probably send you right to the O zone!

If fingering doesn’t helps, another useful option is to add sex aids to his down-there routine. Using a vibrator or dildo to mimic the moves as he simultaneously licks you might be all it takes to fully unleash your oral orgasmic potential. Just try any possible method that will brings you to achieve an orgasm.

Remember, communicating is really important for you to achieve an orgasm. You must always guide your partner where and why he should stimulate that part more. Let him know how you feel when he stimulates the right place, moan to him when he did it on the right spot!

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