Make Her Orgasm

Make Her Orgasm

Make Her Orgasm

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Ever see your partner enjoy sex and reach her big “O” and still begging for more?? I’ll share you some of the secrets here! Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Her Breasts Need More Attention
Guys always pamper a woman’s breasts during foreplay but they tend to forget it when they having sexual intercourse, a lot of guys don’t know that this extra stimulation can lead to a bigger orgasm for her. Women entire breast, especially the underside has lot of nerves packed in it, it’s important to pay more attention to her breast but not only her nipples. To do this, let her be at the top position, then use your fingertips to draw wide circle, and do slow circles, starting around the border of one breast and spiraling in until you’re just about at her nipple. Then use your hand to grab lightly and lift the bottom of her breast, and lick around her nipple before your mouth covering her nipple and sucking gently.

She Needs An Intense G-Spot Orgasm To Make Her Orgasm
For those who don’t know, G-Spot is located about 2 inches inside her vaginal canal on the front wall. How do you know that’s her G-Spot? It’s spongy and the size of a dime, sometimes it’s hard to get it accurately, focus on stimulating the G-Spot area during sex and you may give her an intense orgasm. If you are using your penis to stimulate it, try using doggie-style. Instead of having her keep her arms straight with her hands on the bed, ask her to get lower until she reaches onto her elbows. Hold her hips for balancing purpose, then thrust slowly at first and then accelerate to up the intensity. Each stroke you made is noticeably. Your penis will then rub against the front wall of her vagina, stimulating the G-spot.

Give Her A Quickie With Surprise
When you jump her unexpectedly, she mostly will feel like she’s so irresistible that you already can’t wait to have her. When she gets home, give her a surprise deep kiss to get her mood going. Help her with the things that she’s carrying and put it aside and then lead her to the couch, kitchen table, or bed, its best if you have a bottle of lube ready and put it nearby. Get her half naked from the bottom, just lift her skirt up or pull down her pants. Get some lube on your fingers to massage her clitoris, and at the same time whisper to her and let her know that she’s so hot. Make it as arousing as possible, then she’ll get into it very quickly. (But of course, there will be times when she’s not in the mood for some happy hour. If that happens, let it go and try it another day or night.)

Gently Pull Her Hair
A lot of you may not know that there are thousands of nerves in the scalp. When she aroused, it will become more sensitive, so pulling on her hair will make her feels extra stimulating. Some women have different kinds of feeling when you try to pull her hair from behind during sexual intercourse. It’ll make them feel like you’re treating them like a hooker. Instead, do it when she’s on top, let your hand run freely through her hair, gently grab a handful of strands close to her scalp, and give it a light pull. When you are doing this, you’ll have the chance to experience intense and passionate sex, because when you grab her somewhere sensitive on her body part, it will add to the feeling that she’s being ravished.

Talk Dirty To Her
Women love listen to what their guys say before they go into the next level. But what they love to listen in unlike anything you heard guys say in porn, that’s wrong (If you ask “Who’s your daddy” during sex you might get a slap on your face). Almost all the women want to hear phrases like how turned on you are, praising on her body line and telling her you love it so much, and last but not least how good you want to make her feel. Important thing is what you say is the way you say it and you really mean it, when she hear that burning lust voice of yours, she’s pretty much catch on fire and ready for more.

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