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G Spot Massage

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Women love their guy to be an animalistic in a sack. But sometimes you have to slow things down and learn to have some soulful encounters. This kind of sex encounter can feel deeper than connecting physically. It’s about getting yourself in the moment and connecting emotionally as well. You might want to do yourself a little favor, some night, try to follow the soulful sex advice and put it into action. And also do some massage before you get into the real deal. Such as, asking your guy to give you a G spot massage as you guide him along through out the massaging process.

This kind of erotic sensation isn’t about instant orgasm. It’s about enjoying every touch and sensation, which intensifies the physical and emotional experience. If you get to hit an orgasm during that moment, it will be a big pay off for sure. And also, the slow and soulful G spot massage (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT IT) period will lead to more intense orgasm due to the tension of anticipation.

Now, once you start to have sex with your partner, don’t sprint yourself to the finish line like you are in a rush. Do it slowly like how he did to you on G spot massage. Instead of doing that, just lie in bed and start kissing and caressing each other. This kind of stimulation puts you in a contemplative state, allowing you to pay more attention to each sensation. Tease your guy by touching him from head to toe. Becoming familiar with the details of his anatomy lets you entangle on a higher sensual level. Glide your hands down to his spine. Run your fingers along the crease where you can find his thigh meets his groin. Then let him guide along your randy regions too. Reveal pleasure points specific to your bodies is like a secret the two of you share. It’s another exclusive aspect of your relationship.

You may feel there’s a lot of hot air happening, but breathing in harmony can make you both feel totally link. When your attention is getting into the same rhythm, you enter a near euphoria state(G spot massage will greatly intensify the euphoria state).It brings you into the state where you’re highly aware of your guy, and your extrinsic environment seems to turn black. To synchronize you and your partner breathing, get into a physical body to body position, such as spooning or coital alignment. Or in the position of nose to nose with your legs covered around each other and your hands put on each other’s chests so you can the heartbeats. Breathe in and out, slowly and intentionally, paying special attention to your man’s pace as you caressing and kissing. Breathing in tandem helps excite you and also your excitement levels rise at the same rate too. It makes you feel physically melded.

The best ways to indulge in a supersensual erotic encounter the same as G spot massage and taste every delicious second is to prevent yourself being distracted by the sensation of seeing and hearing. When you got no sight and sound distraction, it intensifies sex in two ways. Cutting off every disturbances that are surrounding you can keep you concentrate on the moment and each other. Also, removing one sense allows the others to become more incisive, so you can really get in to the pleasure you’re giving each other. You create an all-embracing sensual exchange. To get into sensual concentration mode, get rid of the mood music and romantic lighting. You need to be real quiet and it’s good to be dark. (It’s time for blindfolding) While you caress your man, really focus on how he smells, tastes and feels. Try not to peep, except when you are going to moan and sigh inevitably. Feel the texture of his skin, listen to his pounding heart as his arousal increases and cuddle him all over so you can inhale his essence.

Don’t stress yourself up, just allow yourself become lost while he’s doing it to you. Just like the way he’s giving you a G spot massage. You can lead him through too! You don’t need to perform or make a loud noise like a porn star to impress him. Just relax and have fun in the excellent pleasure he’s giving you. While you get rid of distractions, it lets you focus inward and goes deeper on your sensations, staring at your partner forces you to concentrate on each other. Sometimes you’ll feel isolated yourself because of the physical pleasure that you are having with your partner during sex, you might take your eyes off of the other person. Always remember making eye contact is a way to communicate. It links that gap and lets you notice of your man’s presence.

By notice I don’t mean that you should get into a staring competition with your guy. It’s more likely you look into his eyes and feel his inner part rather than just looking at him. Do this to while your partner helping you on G spot massage. Try to read his facial expression and imagine what he’s thinking and feeling, especially when he nears the Big-O. Lock your eye sight and looking each other at this personal moment is kind of like saying to each other ‘I believe in you’. It’s not easy to build a linked with someone to share that kind of acceptance. If you have experienced it, don’t let it go! Last but not least, share your G spot massage experience here if you don’t mind. Because everyone experience it in a different way!

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  1. This web is very helpful to know how make a women orgasm. II want to know further how to make women satisfied in se making sex

    • Thanks my friend! I’m glad that the contents are helping you. Furthermore, I’ll be updating more useful contents in the near future. Until then, you may go to other post to read more about how to satisfy a woman during sex.

  2. My partner has me lay on my tummy, gives me a body and leg massage working his way to the gspot. He sits between my legs and goes at it for up to an hour. It is the most intense orgasms I have ever ever had. It’s important to be completely comfortable trusting your partners patience and believing he is loving giving you the pleasure just as much as you are receiving it. When on tummy, his fingers need to face palm down.

    • Hey Bigo, thanks for reading the post, and WOW! That’s definitely a good tip for anyone who’s reading this post right now. Thanks for sharing your experience, and I definitely agree with you that it is very important to be completely comfortable and to trust your partner and believing he loves giving you the pleasure just as much as you’re receiving it. Appreciate you sharing your wonderful orgasm experience with us.

  3. When my partner gave me my first G-spot massage, we were almost in the missionary position with him between my legs. I pulled myself close to his torso by hugging my arms around his neck, and when I was too breathless and aroused to engage in a passionate kiss any longer, I simply pulled my face into his neck below his ear, while he used his left hand to massage my G-spot (inserting his fingers and using a firm, circular, clockwise massage of the G-spot with his middle and ring fingers). This is a very physically close and intimate position, and he especially loved that my mouth was just below his ear, buried in his neck, where he could really hear every moan and gasp coming out of my mouth. It was intense, passionately connected, and unlike any other orgasm I had ever experienced before. I wasn’t screaming “oh god,” I was screaming “oh, Michael,” because he became a god to me in that moment. No joke. Highly recommended if you want an intimately connected, physically close, G-spot orgasm. It was REALLY hard to hold back the female ejaculate because it was so deep and intense.

    • Hi Stephanie! Thanks for sharing your orgasm experience between you and your partner. You are such a generous and a wonderful being to have shared a beautiful story about your intimacy life with your partner.

      I love the part where you mentioned you screamed at your partner’s name instead of screaming “Oh God”. That is actually the right way to stay intimate and connected with each other during the “WOW” moment on bed! Because I bet every guys or girls would like to listen to their partner screamed at their name instead of other names. When you are screaming on his or her name, it means that he or she really doing the job right and making you feel euphoric! From there on wards, they will be more conscious with what they are doing that triggers the way you moan and that is what makes you orgasm!

      I wish the best for you and your partner to enjoy every single intimacy and relationship life and venture further to make it more contentment! God bless and thanks again for the wonderful sharing! =D

  4. This is the right way to make my girl to feel like heaven in my room ….when she said “Do it more plzzzz…..”

    Thanx for ur ideas keep update. …
    I m here to read ur New articles. ….helpful for me to make my girl …..excited for every new act òf sex…..

    • Hello again Mr. Singh, it’s good to know that you did a good job on bed with your partner. I hope you can achieve more with your partner in the coming days.

      I’m also glad that my post help to give you an idea of how to pleasure your partner! I will have more content in the coming days, as I’m now currently gathering more information to put on this website for everyone to read.

      Please stay tune for more interesting post coming soon to everyone of you. =)

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