Best Orgasm Ever

Best Orgasm Ever

Best Orgasm Ever

Welcome to Best Orgasm Ever

To all the gentlemen, some tips for you what not to be said when you are with your women in bed for you to achieve best orgasm ever! It sounds a bit cruel, but even if you’re real good in the sack, it will be a big mistake if you said some prohibited words to the ladies. Avoid saying things that women don’t like to listen. Here, ban these 10 lines when you are with your partner in bed.

Aside from that!! You may also need to know the 10 ways to help your partner achieve an orgasm! This will enhance the chance for your partner to come and she’ll enjoy it!

Never Say : Who’s Your Daddy?
In a way it sounds creepy, cliché, and instantly makes them think of their dear old dads, which will be a total turnoff. Plus, when they’re getting it on they want to be treated as your dirty partner in crime, not a newbie.

Never Say : Seriously? What Now, You’re Crying?
Well, this problem happens maybe it’s because they love you, or maybe it’s because they’ve never had a better orgasm in their life. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter what’s the cause that makes them cry, just be considerate.

Never Say : Whoops, Looks Like I Just Put My Man Butter On Your Girl Toast.
First of all, they’re not hanging out at your fraternity house so try to not to talk like a manly kid. It’s probably going to turn them off, but if you have to let them know that you climaxed before you’re expectation, just say it straight up.

Never Say : Your Tummy Feels So Soft.
Women love being praise and they love it if you compliment their body, but you better be sure it’s a part they’re proud of before you praise it in bed. If they are sensitive with how their body curves, it doesn’t matter how much you adore them curves, drawing attention to something they may be insecure about sucks their libido dry.

Never Say : Praise The Lord!
The same goes for any other deity, no offend! No matter what you believe, sex is really no time to bring up any religion believes. Oh well, unless of course they’re pretending to be a naughty Catholic schoolgirl.

Never Say : Another Woman’s Name.
There’s no explanation needed for this, so let’s move on to how you can make it up to them. The thing that you can’t avoid doing is apologize. Then, apologize again, along with a full-body massage.

Never Say : Shh! Don’t Make A Sound.
Never ask your partner to be quiet. There maybe a reason for them to turned up their volume! It’s either they want you to know how good they feel or they just have a mind blowing sex with you. Do you really want them to simmer down at that moment?

Never Say : Do You Mind If There’s Another Person Joins Us?
Oh wait, what?! Of course they mind! Nothing makes them douche bag detector go off like the suggestion of an unexpected threesome. It’s not that they’re actually even against a “3p”, but they want to be exactly sure they know whose playing the game before they strip down.

So here’s another thing that I would like to add and I’m sure these sex moves are somehow really useful when you are out of idea on making your sex life more interesting. You should try it with your partners to enjoy a blissful sex life with these sex moves. And hopefully this will help you and your partner achieve best orgasm ever.

< 1st Light Sex Moves >

Try to bring your partner explore new places to get it on around the house by blindfolding him with his tie and lead him the way. Despite that you’re in total control and guiding him while he had been blindfolded and that he doesn’t know his whereabouts makes it extra hot.

< 2nd Light Sex Moves >

Play a naughty scenario role where you get to call him Sir/Profressor/Mr. If you forget and mentioned his first name, you get a sexy spanking and vice versa. A fair deal that both of you get to enjoy a sexy spanking.

< 3rd Light Sex Moves >

Tell your guy to sit on the chair. Strip off your thong very slowly and seduce him with some sexy moves then use it to tie his hands together behind him. Then give him a hot lap dance, teasing him with your untouchable sexiness. He will be so pumped up!

< 4th Light Sex Moves >

Wear something sexy, something that makes him “WOW”, like a black, over-the-knee boots and nothing else. Then push him against the wall, pull his hair lightly, and whisper to his ears, “You’re going to do whatever I say tonight.”

< 5th Light Sex Moves >

In a volunteering way, ask him to pin you to the bed, then playfully resist by attempting to close your legs tight until you let him win out. This will create some extra tingle sensation!

< 6th Light Sex Moves >

Try a new tricky move. Cut a small hole in the crotch of a sexy cotton panty. Once things start heating up, guide his hand down (so he can feel the torn part) and tell him to rip the remaining of your sexy underwear off and enter you.

< 7th Light Sex Moves >

Give him a BIG surprise when he’s watching TV. Drop to your knees and gives him a mind blowing oral sex without saying a word. But watch it! Don’t do it when you notice he’s on his favourite programs or TV shows, do it after he finish enjoying it. That way he gets to enjoy both TV and a mind blowing oral sex!

< 8th Light Sex Moves >

DIY your sex aid!! Use bobby-pins as a nipple clamps on either you or him.

< 9th Light Sex Moves >

Let him be the instructor and let him direct the action while you offer to masturbate for him.

< 10th Light Sex Moves >

Go all the way down on him, but let him know that he can’t orgasm until you said so. If he is getting there, back off, slow down a bit and then start again. Vice versa, it feels awesome when he does it to you too. The anticipation makes your orgasm even more intense than usual.

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