How To Give A Woman An Orgasm

How To Give A Woman An Orgasm

How To Give A Woman An Orgasm

Welcome to How To Give A Woman An Orgasm

Are you a person that looking for great orgasm? Or are you a guy that wants to know how to give a woman an orgasm? Well, great orgasms don’t necessarily happen overnight! It takes a little bit of effort, communication, and know-how! (You may also click here to see a woman shared her orgasm experience!!)

Having an intimate moment with your partner will make you reach orgasm easily and it’s incredibly pleasurable and exciting experience. Sometimes orgasm can be so hard to achieve, or perhaps it doesn’t work out as strong and intense as you thought. When it comes to achieving orgasm, make sure you have enough of rest so that you could achieve it easily. Consider the following tips to help you reach your best orgasms ever.

Do Not Fake It.
Faking an orgasm won’t help your partners to achieve orgasm easily. Sometimes both men and women fake orgasms because they don’t want to hurt their partners’ feelings. You may think that hiding from each other it’s because you love your partner but it can be destructive because lie is a lie, you can’t change that fact. One day, you will likely become resentful if you continually miss out on your sexual bliss due to your partner can’t do it the right way to pleasure you.

What You Want? Ask For It!
Well now you learn that not to fake an orgasm, so what are you waiting for? Let your partner know what types of positions and touches you enjoy. What position you hate and like just let your partner know! You hate missionary? Go ahead and tell him! Or, you can just hop on top and show him what you like!

Staying Fit Is A Must!
Other than keeping your communication tight, physical health is a thing that both men and women must maintain and shouldn’t miss out. Exercise and healthy diet plays an important role. Here’s a little tips for you, wine is good for blood circulation. But don’t drink too much on date night or else you going to ruin your sensations and pleasures of sex!

Dress Nicely To Get Things Going.
Appearance is part of an important role to make orgasm happens and make it even greater. Don’t wear any granny panties to spoil the sensual situation, leave the old panties where it belongs, the closet! Dress with seduction will get your partner thinking along amorous lines, but it will also help you tap into your inner vixen all day long.

Pay More Attention To Your Hot Spots.
Normally, there’s only 30 percent of women have an orgasm from intercourse alone, you must rest assured that there is nothing abnormal about your inability to reach orgasm instantly during sex. Most of the time, some women need a little extra stimulation. Clitoris stimulation is a way to help you reach orgasm more easily, you can manually stimulate it or oral stimulate it before or after the act itself.

Spend More Time On Foreplay.
There are times that you may not feel to have sex. But if there is some time for you to enjoy the intimate moment with your partner even if it’s a short one, why not do it? Be creative: When your partner is having shower, hop in the shower together for a little loving at the end of a long day, or have an early morning intimacy before you off to work or somewhere else.

Like “A BRAND” Says: “Just Do It!”
You may also find that one day you might not in the mood to have sex, but don’t decide too early because a few moments of touching and foreplay might help you to gain your sexual pleasure. You must remember to give your body some time to wake up and respond to it.

Be Handy With Sex Toys.
Some of you may never try to use any sex toys to aid your sexual arousal. Do you know that sex toys can bring a whole new level of enjoyment and intimacy into your bedroom? When you hit a rough patch or you want to spice

2 thoughts on “How To Give A Woman An Orgasm

    • Hi there Felicity, I’m more than willing to help you with your problem. But first, I would like to let you know that every woman experience an orgasm through different ways. The most common orgasm that woman achieve is Clitoral orgasm. Some other woman achieve an orgasm through stimulating the G spot, , it’s a hot spot on a woman body that leads to orgasm. My suggestion to you is, try finding the most sensitive part on your body and have your partner or husband (if you’re married) fondle or stimulates it depends on which part of your body. It will increase the chance of achieving orgasm. I’ve once heard a woman achieve an orgasm when she’s giving birth. You just need to find your own spot which can make you feel more comfortable and more stimulated. One important note, don’t focus on achieving orgasm every time you’re having an intercourse. You’ll just increase the stress of you and your partner, it will not bring you any good and it will ruin your mood to have a good intercourse. Just relax and enjoy the intercourse with your partner and you’ll find out that you will achieve orgasm easier without having your mind worrying about unnecessary stuffs. Spend more time practise with your partner and learn to communicate with him. Tell him which part of your body when being stimulated feels more comfortable and high.

      I hope this helps! God bless and have a nice day. =)

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